A Prepared Professional

Envision this: Coming upon an accident scene, a driver who went through an advanced training seminar called “Master Driver” stops and calls for assistance on his CB. 2 other drivers stop to assist him. Seeing the potential hazard from traffic, he positions his rig so as to shield the scene. Taking charge, he grabs his gear and summons the other two drivers to the point of greatest need where a woman is trapped in a car that has caught fire.

Using his learned skills, he quickly opens the hood with his crowbar and extinguishes the flames. He is prepared with a back-up extinguisher for a possible flare-up. He has learned what to watch for to be sure a car fire is out and not still smoldering in hidden areas.

The woman is in going into shock and her legs are trapped. The door is jammed so be breaks the window with his window punch and then deftly cuts her seatbelt with his special knife. He checks her pulse and breathing.

Calling 911 on his cell phone he gives gives them his Master Driver ID number and then precise information on location and victim status using clear terms the operator understands and
help is dispatched.

Knowing it is best not to move an injured person unless necessary, he quickly rechecks her vital signs and recommends they make the woman comfortable and warm and watch for fire. He never carried a shovel and crowbar before, but now they are there in case of grass fire and the need to extricate this person. His well stocked first-aid kit has what he needs to cleanse wounds and stop bleeding.

Emergency vehicles show up and notice the “Master Driver” logo on his shirt. Thanking and dismissing the other two drivers, they ask the Master Driver to remain and direct traffic until another officer arrives.

Trained in advanced driving techniques, first-aid, CPR, vehicle and roadside fire-fighting, accident scene securement and assistance, law enforcement assistance, emergency communication procedures, and other valuable skills, the Master Driver would be recognized as “Best of the Best” by law enforcement, the media, trucking companies and the Public, giving him a new level of value, appreciation and respect.

A proactive public relations and cooperative relationship program spearheaded by Truckers Alliance with the public, law enforcement, DOT, and news media would lend new status and image to the trucking industry and promote safer driving and greater courtesy on the highways.

New drivers would have positive role models and an incentive to attain to this Professional status for the respect and recognition it offers. Other drivers would experience a certain amount of positive peer pressure to conduct themselves by higher standards.

Trucking companies would give top compensation for this new level of driver, and publicly tout those they employ. Drivers with safe records and good character would be sponsored into the program by their employers.

As a dedicated, respected, visible and cohesive group, these Master Drivers would have added influence in both industry and government policy and help to effect positive change where necessary.

A school outreach program would give those with a desire to benefit kids a chance to present safety and other important information to eager young minds.

This is our vision . . . We welcome your input as we move towards making it a reality.