Distracted Driving- A National Highway Safety Concern

It probably comes as no surprise that a big problem has developed with distracted drivers, primarily drivers who are taking their eyes off the road to text message on a cell phone. This driving distraction, coupled with the fact that texting is very popular among teen drivers, has raised a very serious highway safety concern. In fact, many safety experts and analysts consider texting while driving to be more dangerous than drunk driving.

As an attorney who concentrates in representing victims of distracted driving, I have seen first-hand the devastation caused when a driver is distracted, particularly where a driver is attempting to multi-task with a hand-held electronic devise. Because these accidents usually involve serious injury and/or fatalities, legal representation is necessary to recover medical expenses, lost income, and other personal loss.

I am also advocating for distracted driving laws that will save lives and benefit the public at large. In this regard, I participated in the Distracted Driving Summit in Washington, D.C. earlier this month. The Summit brought together experts from around the country to find solutions to distracted driving. Following the Summit, it is clear to me that the solutions to distracted driving will be multi-dimensional involving legal, technological, and public awareness/education efforts. I hope to be contributing to the legal and public awareness solutions, especially as Missouri lawmakers consider new approaches to curbing distracted driving.

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