The Smith System

I was just reading some posts on a trucker’s forum about the Smith System.  Seems like there are some drivers out there that don’t like it.  At least they don’t like being tested on it.

What is the Smith System?

It’s basically KEEPING YOUR EYES OPEN while you drive.

Gee, I’m so sorry if that’s hard for you.  Maybe you should consider another profession?

The Smith System teaches drivers (truckers and 4-wheelers) to:

  1. Aim High in Steering (Keep your eyes on the road, the part you can stop before you get to…)
  2. Leave Yourself an Out (Watch out for situations that leave you nowhere to go…)
  3. Make Sure they See You (Pay attention to what other drivers are doing, and yes, blow your horn if they need to look up from that text message before they run under your trailer!)
  4. Get the Big Picture (More of keeping your eyes open, and why not turn the brain on to figure out that all those brake lights mean there’s a problem up ahead and you may need to slow down or stop for it?)
  5. Keep Your Eyes Moving (Just one more way to stay alert and make sure you don’t miss signs of trouble before it’s too late and you kill someone.)

That’s all about paying attention, watching to see what else is on the road, and thinking about how to avoid any potential problems.  To say that is stupid just proves to me that you should not be on the road in any size vehicle!

I want to jump to the defense of truck drivers when they are criticized for being unprofessional, but comments like the ones I just read make me wonder why anyone should bother?

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