Safety in Numbers

How many times have you turned on your C-B and hear someone in the background say “We have got to organize” or “If we could only organize”?

Then you hear someone in the background say “You can’t get two Truckdrivers to agree on one thing”. or ” Truckdrivers are too stupid and independent to organize”.

Truckdrivers deserve much more credit than this:…VTHS is here to prove it.

We can ALL agree that drivers need more money for what they do and put up with. Drivers need to be compensated for all of thier liability.

This is also a very simple solution to most of the tired drivers syndrome.

If the driver were paid more; he or she would not have to work as hard to make the amount of money he or she requires.

Doesn’t it make you’re blood boil when there is an accident involving a truck and then after that, the DOT cracks down and writes tickets to everyone else driving a truck like it is actually going to fix something? …{Even if it’s a pickup-truck in the accident;… It’s a good excuse for a crackdown.}

Although this is a good revenue generator; This has not fixed anything in the past and we very much doubt it is going to fix anything in the future.

We also need access to the 3rd lane in A LOT of states like N.J. for instance.

This would not only stop the unsafe defensive driving habits this law has created; would allow more room for the entering and exiting traffic and would also stop the trucks from bunching up which is very unsafe…and this happens every day.

Split speed limits are also very unsafe and need to be eliminated.

These are just revenue generators and have nothing to do with safety. There is safety in numbers.

We have always had the numbers and now we have the organization. (VTHS )

We can use our numbers to get fair compensation and work together to promote REAL safety for everyone, (including the Truckdriver)