Truckdriver Shortage

Are you tired of the harassment and feeling as though you are doing something wrong just for doing your job?

Are you tired of becoming a convicted felon and fined up to $1250.00 in some states for making an honest mistake in your logbook because your toll receipt didn’t match?

Are you tired of being fined $350.00 because you didn’t remember to draw a line 1/4 inch long in your log book?

{They call this falsification and failure to change duty status} And are using safety as the issue and grounds to write these tickets.

These are nothing more than  revenue generators; when the log book has absolutely nothing to do with your biological need for sleep.

We believe the evidence used to enforce these laws are in direct conflict with your 5th amendment right.{self incrimination} Did you waive your 5th by filling out a logbook?…We think not.

The punishment and fines are to steep for the crime being committed and they need to be dropped back to a misdemeanor.

There is no wonder we have a Truckdriver shortage in the United States!

The way the logbook laws are now; a driver can stay home and awake all weekend while accumulating hours in his or her logbook and then Monday morning… hop in the big truck and drive tired just because there are hours in a book.

Does this sound safe to you??

We need to implement ways to measure fatigue that is safe, fair and accurate.

Fatigue needs to be treated like DWI because with DWF the results are pretty much the same {DOA}..and ALL traffic needs to be subject to testing as the truckers need to be safe also.

When the weigh / inspection station opens;…ALL traffic needs to be inspected.

This will not only eliminate most of the illegal vehicles on the road, it will stop people from DWI and DWF…..At the very leastthis will wake people up!

VTHS Recommendsassigning a  nation~wide transponder OR requiring each driver to carry a global positioning cell phone or global positioner so they can be tracked, This would be for each interstate CDL operator, in order to determine the when and whereof a driver and commercial vehicle,..If you drive out of state you must have a transponderor a global positioning cell phone or global positioner, Simple and easy. NTSA is sure, in the future, it will be like “this” anyway’. no-more games and way-safer roads, not to mention all the advantages of “this”, Like being able to track loads, merchandise and the safety advantage of each driver being able to make that quick phone call, to report an emergancy to the DOT, and the DOT being able to locate the driver quickly and efficiently, when  you don’t know where you are .

VTHS would also like to see drivers being paid by the hour instead of the mile. :::example:::, owner operators wouldn’t notice too much of a change because they could figure it this way. $2.00 per mile@ 60 mph=$120.00 an hour. The rate wouldn’t change unless the driver was held up. Company drivers deserve a good percentage of the hourly pay. 20 to 35% would be nice , depending on experience. Simple, easy and everyone is happy, Speeding and driving over hours, would become an unsafe and stupid thing.