Unsafe Practices

What about all of these tax evading lumpers the drivers are held responsible to pay because the receiver expects the driver to unload the receivers freight after he or she has driven all night to get it there when it is illegal to be working on anyones property with out compensation insurance.


We as drivers need our sleep and should not be held responsible for unloading the receivers freight.

When the trailer bumps the shippers or receivers dock it becomes part of their property.

The receiver is the customer and can order their freight stacked any way they like.

It is the shippers responsibility as a supplier to fill that order stacked just the way the receiver wants it and it is the Drivers responsibility to safely carry the receivers freight to the destination.

It is time for these food warehouses to re-open their receiving dept.

Trucking Companies should be compensated if the driver is held up more than two hours provided the load is on time as a general rule and at a rate of not less than $50.00 an hour as the driver can only work 70 hours in a 8 day period. {The driver deserves 50% of this}.

VTHS would also like to see drivers paid significantly more for the added responsibility and liability of hauling a hazmat load. (especially these days!)

We need to stop writing tickets to the driver for having mechanical problems when the driver is not a qualified licensed mechanic and did not put the inspection sticker on the windshield.

{Inspection stickers should only be good for 6 months or so}”1 year is to long”

The inspectors should be held responsible and liable.

This would not only spare the revenue to fix the problem at hand…It would stop the inspectors from passing faulty equipment.

We need to stop all of these unsafe roadside inspections unless there is probable cause.. {expired or no inspection sticker, erratic driving, lights out, things like this, REAL reasons.

Random inspections expanded to ALL vehicles with probable cause. The trucker needs to be safe also.

We need to stop using safety as the issue to generate revenue and work at making the highways safe for everyone.

If you work for a Trucking company that forces you to run illegal{over hours, over weight, unsafe equipment…VTHS is here for you!!